Hooray! Your job is done. Press “Next“:


The final page tells you the gamut of your monitor. It’s not particularly important, because the gamut is what it is – there’s nothing you can do to change it.


You’re done! Press “Quit” to finish, then get on with your editing work.  Your calibration is taken care of for this month.

Monthly recalibration

Datacolor makes the regular recalibration process nice and easy. When the monthly reminder pops up, just make sure your screen has been on for half an hour so it’s warm, then plug in the device and launch the software.


The first few screens you see are familiar to you, and should already be set correctly. Check each one quickly and press Next each time:

Then you’ll get to this screen:


Choose ReCAL:


The “CheckCAL” function seems useful at first glance, but it doesn’t seem to check your brightness, so it’s not that useful after all. The ReCAL function is fine.

This will all be familiar to you. Once you start, the device will take some readings then pause at the Brightness stage, in case you need to tweak your screen’s brightness slightly to re-match last month’s target. No need to be incredibly fussy about this – as long as the bar is roughly in the middle of the green zone, it will be acceptable:


Then it will continue with its other readings, and allow you to save the profile at the end of the process, then Quit and get on with your editing for another month.