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Quality        Service        Speed

Reviewed in: 2016     Products ordered: Various
“I use Mckenna pro for my regular prints, which I love. Their metallic paper is really beautiful, as is their regular matte prints. I also regularly order their custom printed CD’s, and metallic printed CD cases. These make for a beautiful client presentation, especially when delivering digital images. The printing on metal is outstanding.”

Nicole, Oregon

Quality        Service        Speed

Reviewed in: 2018     Products ordered: Metal Prints, Metal Curve Prints, Press Print Posters and booklets
“Their colors are usually spot in to calibration, but they will color correct your print for a small charge. Their metal prints are really nice. The only place with more metal options would be Bay Photo. Their mounts are on the expensive side (besides the basic metal hanger…which is the best of the standard mounts of any I have seen at trade shows) but are solid. They don’t have a whole lot of press paper options, but they will print one-off posters without charging $5+ each. Their customer service is legendary. The President of the company even monitors groups on social media to help with issues. In one instance, a client had ordered their largest metal print & twice it had broken the mount & fell damaging the prints. The next day, he was on the phone with the photographer, had the print remade the third time with a custom reinforced mount, and personally drove 8+ hours to hand deliver & hang the print himself. They have standard UPS delivery for $2.35 (which for me ends up being 2days).”

Dustin, Ohio

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