Skin Class Testimonials

I just took Damien’s Skin Tone Class and LOVED it! Before, I wouldn’t even attempt to work with skin tones. They weren’t part of my editing process until now!
He explains everything very clearly and then goes through examples with you working along with him. You definitely get the hang of it when you are done.
His Raw Class and Skintone Class are two of the best purchases I have made. I have all these photos that look good, but now look so much better! I can’t believe the difference I have seen in my work since I have taken these classes. I learned a TON!

Stacey, California

Damien said this class would rock my world and it certainly has. I have learned a lot in this class and he provides you with all of the tools you need to make your portraits look amazing! The support he provides is better than anything you will find out there. It’s like having your own private tutor. You will never regret taking this class.

Sue, Michigan

Damien’s Skin Class is by far the best method I have learned to fix skin. CMYK is hard … the method (for me) seemed to work perfect or I would spend hours pulling my hair out trying to get the numbers to be correct….but Damien’s class is seriously the easiest method I have learned and it works perfectly – simple easy step to follow and the CMYK numbers are perfect on each photo – that is what really blew me away.

Sue, Japan

I was so excited to sign up for the Skin Class. I have taken all of Damien’s classes and this is the icing on the editing cake! The concepts are easy to understand and apply. You can take your portraits from great with clean processing and levels, to outstanding with the skin class.

Amy, Illinois

Before taking the skin class and getting direct feedback on my images, I used to be very unsure about how to properly edit skin. I would spend so much time trying to get it right, watching tutorials, etc. and not getting the results I wanted. Damien’s class provides a clear and concise workflow for skin editing and because of it and his guidance, skin is no longer a dreaded part of the edit process.

Thank you for your class and constructive feedback with this and all of your classes! I’m still learning with each edit but I now have a confidence in my approach and workflow that I never had before.

Bev, Pennsylvania

The new skin class is a game-changer just like the levels class. His method is easy to apply and the results are wonderful and consistent. You’ll wonder how you got by without it for so long.

Karen, Delaware

I have taken, and loved, all of Damien’s classes. The skin class in no exception! It’s incredible how the skin class knowledge makes it possible to get lovely skin tones in a variety of different settings or lighting situations and in group photos. I am now able to fine tune and problem solve a variety of skin to issues that always frustrated me in the past. The best part of all is the class is straightforward, easy to follow and can be implemented immediately.

Holly, Ohio

This class is a game changer. I used to dread editing skin tones. Now it’s the fastest part of my workflow and I love the results. Makes me want to go back and re-edit all of my past images. Thank you Damien!!

Barb, Wisconsin