The Raw Class

Don’t just shoot Raw “because somebody said to”. Once you genuinely understand the principles and power of a Raw workflow, your results will amaze you. This class gives you the knowledge and skills to convert Raw files into fabulous, clean, natural-looking photos every time. Never again rely on actions or presets for clumsy, imprecise editing. Once you know how to achieve great clean processing, your actions and presets can be used for their real purpose – to add style and creativity to your images.

Who is it for?

  • New Raw photographers
  • Jpeg photographers who want to make the important step to Raw
  • Experienced Raw photographers who are frustrated with their inconsistent or disappointing results

What software is it for?

  • Photoshop CS3 to CS5
  • Photoshop CS6 and CC*
  • Elements 6 to 10
  • Elements 11 and above*

* I am in the process of updating the class for the native functionality of these newer versions. In the meantime, you can take the class by making a simple setting switch in your software. It’s well worth it, I promise.

What software is it NOT for?

  • I am no longer teaching Lightroom.

I remain hopeful that Adobe will fix Lightroom’s histogram and clipping warnings problems in the future, at which time I will teach it again.

Topics covered

  • Understanding Raw data
  • Histogram comprehension
  • Tour of the Adobe Camera Raw interface
  • Understanding and adjusting white balance
  • Tonal distribution (Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, etc)
  • Noise removal and sharpening

What you get

  • 24/7 unlimited access for twelve months
  • Prompt answers to all questions
  • A comprehensive reference sheet to print out
  • Plenty of videos to accompany the written information
  • Proven, down-to-earth, simple methods for great results


  • $85


  • A Facebook account
  • I strongly recommend that your monitor is calibrated before taking this class.  If it isn’t, you can’t trust what you are seeing.  To get the most out of shooting in Raw, and to reach your full potential as an image editor, your monitor should be calibrated. More info about calibration can be found in this article here,  along with other articles in the calibration section of the site resources here.

How to sign up

There is a limit to the number of students who can take the class at any one time, because I spend considerable time answering questions about the course material, and providing feedback on images that students post in the class forum. If the class is full, you will only be able to apply to be on the wait list. Thank you for your understanding.

You can join the wait list to take the class HERE.  You will be contacted to be admitted as students exit the course and a space becomes available.

Sneak peek!

The first module is available for free! Read it here.

See the results

Check out the gallery of trainees’ edits using the skills they have learned in my classes. Read the great feedback from some of my participants.