Proof Setup: Working CMYK ... not really

This is our iron. Presently it’s set to "Cotton":


Now it’s set to "Wool":


Now it’s on "Silk":


What’s the point of all that?

NOTHING. Not a damn thing.

Want to know why?

Because it’s not turned on:


If your iron isn’t turned on, it doesn’t make a shred of difference which heat level it’s set to, right? Right.

Surprisingly frequently, somebody posts in my group in a panic, because they’ve discovered that Photoshop’s Proof Setup function is set to "Working CMYK":

working cmyk

These people are wise enough to know that they shouldn't be dabbling in CMYK, so they freak out when they suddenly think they are.

Relax, my friends. Like the iron, those settings are meaningless if "Proof Colors" isn’t turned on:

not turned on

So chill out, pour a wine, and keep editing. You’re safe.

By the way, if you want to know more about the proper use of Proof Colors, proceed to this article.


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