The CMYK Class

If you do graphic design for printing (occasionally or regularly) you need to understand CMYK colour. It's the crucial link between your on-screen creative concepts and successful print outcomes.

There is a lot that can go wrong in press printing, and a lot of expense if it does. So when you prepare jobs for CMYK printing you need the deep knowledge this class provides. I’ll teach you everything about delivering a bulletproof PDF file to your print shop.

"Prepress" is the official name of the profession that links the graphic design and printing industries. I am a certified Prepress tradesman, and I’m here to teach you everything about it.

Two class streams

  • The CMYK Class [Photoshop] is aimed primarily at photographers who are already skilled at Photoshop and prefer to use it for their occasional graphic designing. With the skills I teach you, you won’t need to spend the money to buy InDesign, or the time to learn it. Photoshop is a capable yet hugely under-rated graphic design tool.
  • The CMYK Class [InDesign] is for graphic designers and other people with the full set of programs – InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I’ll teach you to use those three to create professional press-ready artwork that will never cause issues on presses. THIS CLASS IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT.

What software is it for?

  • Adobe Creative Cloud, Creative Suite 6 and Creative Suite 5.

What software is it not for?

  • Photoshop Elements. It doesn’t have the necessary functionality, sorry.

Topics covered

  • Understanding press printing terminology
  • All about CMYK inks and profiles
  • Vectors and the Pen Tool
  • Managing black ink
  • Preparing photos (including deep etching)
  • Preparing logos and other design elements
  • Building designs and outputting PDF files


  • $69

What you get

  • 24/7 unlimited access for twelve months
  • Prompt answers to all questions
  • Videos accompanying the written information
  • Trouble-free press printing


  • A membership account on Ask Damien
  • A solid understanding of Photoshop’s layers and masks. This is not a beginner class.

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