The Channel Mixer Classes

Channel Mixer is one of Photoshop’s most amazing, versatile tools. But it is avoided by many photographers, because it seems so confusing at first.

My three mini-classes give you access to Channel Mixer's three main functions for your editing:

  • Mind-blowing artistic colour effects, to let your creativity run wild
  • Exquisite black-and-white conversion control
  • Powerful manipulation of complex colour problems


  • Adobe Photoshop (not Elements, sorry)
  • A membership account on Ask Damien

What you get:

  • 24/7 unlimited access for twelve months
  • Prompt answers to all questions
  • A comprehensive mix of written information and videos
  • Your mind blown!

1. The Creativity Class

Price: $10

This class shows you how to explore amazing colour editing options that you never knew were possible in Photoshop. If you feel like your images need a boost of colour that's uniquely yours, this little class will help you discover it.

Prerequisite: A basic knowledge of layers.

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2. The Advanced Black-and-White Class

Price: $16

This class teaches you how to use Channel Mixer for precise control over black-and-white conversion for tricky photos, where usual conversion methods don't produce the quality you need.

Prerequisite: The Levels Class.

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3. The Advanced Channel Mixer Class

Price: $28

This class gives you marvelous control over common colour problems (eg moire, chromatic aberration, glasses glare) and remarkable methods for changing colours (eg of clothing).

Prerequisite: The Advanced Levels Class.

This class is still in redevelopment.


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