The Channel Mixer Class

Channel Mixer is one of Photoshop’s most amazing, versatile tools:

  • Mind-blowing artistic colour effects, to let your creativity run wild
  • Exquisite black-and-white conversion control
  • Powerful solutions for common colour problems (eg moire, chromatic aberration, glasses glare)
  • Remarkable methods for changing colours (eg of clothing)

Yet it is widely disregarded by many Photoshop users, because it’s very confusing at first. This class lays it out for you step-by-step, and opens up an amazing new world of editing possibilities to you.

What software is it for?

  • All versions of Photoshop
  • Not for Elements, sorry


  • $45
  • (If you have taken it in the past, and would like a refresher, it’s $14.)


  • A membership account on Ask Damien
  • A basic knowledge of layers and masking in Photoshop

What you get

  • 24/7 unlimited access for twelve months
  • Prompt answers to all questions
  • A comprehensive mix of written information and videos
  • Your mind blown!

Sign up

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