The Skin Class

This class has just been launched to a limited audience.  Find out how you can qualify here.

Skin Class trainee testimonials

“Damien’s Skin Class is by far the best method I have learned to fix skin.  CMYK is hard … the method (for me) seemed to work perfect or I would spend hours pulling my hair out trying to get the numbers to be correct….but Damien’s class is seriously the easiest method I have learned and it works perfectly – simple easy step to follow and the CMYK numbers are perfect on each photo – that is what really blew me away.

– Sue, Japan.

I just took Damien’s Skin Tone Class and LOVED it! Before, I wouldn’t even attempt to work with skin tones. They weren’t part of my editing process until now!

He explains everything very clearly and then goes through SEVERAL examples with you working along with him. You definitely get the hang of it when you are done.

His Raw Class and Skintone Class are two of the best purchases I have made. I have all these photos that look good, but now look so much better! I can’t believe the difference I have seen in my work since I have taken these classes. I learned a TON!”

– Stacey, California.

My experience learning post-processing techniques one-on-one was very positive and useful.

His class content for both RAW and Skintones is applicable if you work in PSE or full version of PS. I am currently a PSE user and have found it difficult in the past to find good instruction for skin tones in PSE. He very clearly walks through the steps to correct skin tones.

Damien is a great teacher and the time and money spent taking is class was very much worth it!

– Jayme, California.