Cellulite fix action

This action should work in all recent versions of Photoshop and Elements.

What it's for

I’ve found this method to be excellent for mild to moderate cellulite, as well as other issues such as babies’ mottled skin.

Cellulite removed from leg

In cases of very severe cellulite or mottling, it can be used in conjunction with other methods.

(Mac users, you might have to Option-click the link to make it work.)

What it does

IMPORTANT: Make sure you run this action quite early in your editing process, preferably immediately after raw processing.

When you run it, it will pause to give you instructions at various points along the way. In the end, it will add a black mask to completely hide the fix, ready for you to mask it on to the skin as desired.

Actions panel


What the action essentially creates is a very fancy dodge-and-burn layer. Therefore, if you want to further modify some very troublesome areas after the masking is completed, you don’t need to create a new layer to do so. Just click on the layer thumbnail (instead of the mask thumbnail:

Modify the action

… and paint with a very low opacity brush in black or white as needed.

(If you’re not familiar with this correct non-destructive method for dodge-and-burn, please visit this tutorial.)


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