This is for Photoshop users only. Not for Elements, sorry.

Slash your workflow time!

Time is precious, so you want to save it where you can. You’re going to love this.

I’ve made a set of actions for you to download, and modify to suit your own workflow. They are for use with Bridge’s powerful Image Processor function, and they’ll allow you to prepare a whole set of files for uploading to the web in mere minutes, or even seconds!

The actions resize, sharpen and watermark your photos, and Image Processor saves them. You’ll be astonished at how fast it works.


Your watermark

To use these actions, you’ll need your own watermark. If you don’t have one already, please visit this tutorial.

IMPORTANT: Your watermark file must be RGB mode. For reasons I don’t understand, the actions glitch if the logo is CMYK.


Two little settings

A couple of things to check before you start using these actions …


Open a file in Photoshop (any file, it doesn’t matter) then go to the View menu and make sure these two little checkmarks are turned on:


If you are staunchly opposed to having them turned on for some reason, that’s ok – it’s not the end of the world. But if they are turned on, it makes the Crop step in the actions a little easier to use, that’s all.


By default, Photoshop is set to remember twenty History States (the last twenty steps you performed). That’s not quite enough for the batching to work properly.

Go to Edit>Preferences>Performance. Make sure the number of States is at least 30. Higher is fine, but not lower.


It’s tempting to put your History States way up high, eg 100. I know some people do this. But remember that the higher the number, the more burden on your computer. So don’t go crazy. I have mine set on 50, and it’s always plenty.

Download the actions

Got your watermark ready? Got your settings set? Great! Let’s proceed to the download page.