Spyder5Elite recalibration

Monthly recalibration

When the month has rolled around, your computer will notify you that it’s time to recalibrate. If you’re like me, you’ll ignore it for a few days because you’re busy. But don’t ignore it too long.

Of course, before recalibrating, make sure your screen has been on for half an hour to warm up and stabilise.

When you launch, you’ll see this familiar screen, and you can press “Next” right away:


Make sure this is on “Step-by-step Assistant” and press Next again:


Now choose “ReCAL” and press Next again:


The “CheckCAL” function seems useful at first glance, but it doesn’t seem to check your brightness, so it’s not that useful after all. The ReCAL function is fine.

Now the calibration process will proceed in the usual way. If you need a refresher, go here.

When it gets to the naming part, just save it with the same name as last month’s profile, to replace it. No need to keep old profiles cluttering your system.


After recalibration has finished, I recommend you pause on the analysis screen to load your files and make sure you still have a good match. If you need a refresher for that part, go here.