Histogram identification test 2: Raw files

You have probably already tried my original Photoshop Histogram Test. I hope it helped your understanding.

This time, I’ve processed one photo eight times using ACR. See how you go spotting which histogram belongs with each image. This is a really difficult test, so don’t feel bad if you don’t rock it!

I’ve given you the first answer to help you out. Have fun!


  • The images have all been processed in sRGB.
  • When processing, I turned on the shadow and highlight clipping warnings. Therefore, as you know, you’ll see areas of blue where there is appreciable shadow clipping in an image ; and areas of red where there is highlight clipping.
  • If your monitor isn’t calibrated, or you are not using a colour-managed browser, you might have trouble judging the images correctly.
  • This page may not work on mobile devices.

Match the histograms to the photos:



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